LED Lighting Options in Hobart

LED lighting we installed in Hobart

LEDs: Great light output, using less than a third of the power

Urban Energy Electrical Contractors offer a great new range of LED lighting - energy saving technology moving with the times.  As your local LED lighting specialists, we are happy to explain the cost saving and environmental benefits.

LED lights and associated drivers have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours based on optimal conditions.  To break this down: 50,000 hours equates to over 11 years if your lights are switched on for 12 hours every day of the year.

Being that a 15watt LED has the equivalent light output to a 50watt halogen... if you swap over you decrease your carbon footprint, while making incredible cost savings on your electricity bill, using less than a third of the energy.  You also save on light maintenance - not needing to change globes for years!

We use quality LED products that come with a 2 year warranty.  Why not find out about our competitive prices with a free no obligation quote?

Call us for more information, or drop by our office to see LED lights on display.